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July 18th, 2006

MMU Order

Autumn RRRrr
Got my (ok, OUR) MMU order today! We ordered on 5/29 and picked it up at the PO on 7/18- whew that's a long time!

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July 10th, 2006

I got the LBB just a few days ago, so I'm prepared for a comparison!

LBB had more of the well-known etailers, I think I mentioned that in my last comparison, and it stayed true this time around. The highlights of LBB were the Callisto and Wylde Ivy goodies- they alone were almost worth the purchase of the box.

The highlights of the LC box was a cute Soap Kebob from Downtown Bath & Soap. Anything unique like that generally catches my eye ;) The Tika Soy bag was very nice, had a tart, a lip balm, and a body butter- like the Callisto & Wylde Ivy samplers from LBB, this bag had a variety of products; love it! The Gold Canyon tealights smelled wonderful. I think this box started off on the right foot because of the amazing smell from all the tarts in it! Something the LBB box was lacking. There was also a cute Air Freshener from Foster's Creations, a massage oil from Prarieland (oooo, might have to use this tonight!), nice tarts from Dragonfly Candles, a bag of sample tarts and tealights from Things That Make Scents, a Kristine's Shower creme in Peach Fuzz (smells great, and glad that she's sending samples in things other than soaps!), and a couple mini tarts from Pacific Scents.. I think that was all of it!

LC's box had one thing the LBB box seemed to lack- coupon codes. The first LBB had TONS of coupon codes! I even got an envelope that was full of them. This time around I think there was 1 in all the samples I got (yup, just checked, one). For the LC box, almost every etailer seemed to offer *something* for ordering.

The LC box definitely had more tarts this time around. I found this really odd because the new owner of LC is a tart etailer! But, I think it's cool that she is allowing competition to take it's course; it's not like she is wanting all the business for tarts.

LBB had more B&B items, they had the scrubs, the creams, the lotions, the soaps, the bath bombs.

Overall, I like both for different reasons... I can't say one is better than the other, but I do think that LC has pulled their act together on these boxes!

July 3rd, 2006

Crater Lake Company

Autumn RRRrr
Here's my "shower" review from my second order.

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June 19th, 2006

Second BPAL Review..

Autumn RRRrr
This review contains:
Penny Dreadful
Samhain '05
Dance of Death
(these I actually WORE, not just sniffs from the decants)

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June 15th, 2006

Reviews for:
Devil's Night
Harvest Moon 2005
Red Phoenix

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June 14th, 2006

More. BPAL.

Autumn RRRrr
Got some more on their way lol
The Pumpkin Patch #1
The Pumpkin Patch #2
The Pumpkin Patch #4
The Pumpkin Patch #5
Midnight Mass
Dance of Death

I'm unstoppable (& poor).

CH Has Arrived

Autumn RRRrr
Ordered: June 9th
Received Order: June 14th
5 days INCLUDING shipping time?? That's amazing...

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June 12th, 2006

LOL Has Arrived

Autumn RRRrr
Ordered: June 3rd
Shipping Notice Received: June 9th
Received Order: June 12th

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June 11th, 2006


Autumn RRRrr
Cherriflip Review

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Current Orders

Autumn RRRrr
I have a few (ha) orders in process - look out for reviews upcoming:

LOL - trying out a lot of Allison's B&B products, got a couple scents I've never tried before

CLC- Needed Dark Pink (Egyptian Musk & Pink Sugar), got one of each of Sharonn's various shampoos and conditioners.

PhP - tarts & more tarts. I ordered like 30 of them? I needed more B-Day cake ones, and got a bunch of other ones. My last order was lost in the mail, so you can imagine how low I am on wonderful PhP tarts.

CH - first ever order. Got 2 souffles in 2 of my favorite CH scents; Lemon Raspberry Tiramisu & Oreo Ice Cream Cake. Also got 2 sample packs with the scents I've been wanting most.

BPAL - whoa, I went overboard. I hit the forums for imps, ebay, MUA, and even their site. From their site I ordered Hungry Ghost Moon & Chaos Theory III: Strange Attractors, and a 6 pack of imps: Marie, The Raven, Snake Oil, Eat Me, Morgause, and Perversion. Now I won't get these for a while... However, my ebay, forum, and MUA finds have me getting these:
Harvest Moon 05 (5ml)
Devil's Night (5ml)
Penny Dreadful
Grand Guignol
Fenris Wolf
The Ghost
Machu Picchu
White Rabbit
Pink Phoenix
Samhain 05
Lick It
Bon Vivant
Red Phoenix
Black Dahlia
Gingerbread Poppet

Holy BPAL.
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